Killer Whales Trapped in Ice Freed by Unexpected Weather Conditions

Rising temperatures caused the ice to melt, the whales were able to swim away

Only yesterday, the news that a group of killer whales were in dire need of help after having become trapped in ice in Canada's Hudson Bay caused quite a stir.

The animals were struggling to breathe through a small opening in the ice and displayed clear signs of distress, the Inuit people who first stumbled upon them explained at that time.

Recent information on this topic says that, thanks to an unexpected rise in local temperatures, the ice that was keeping the whales from swimming away melted.

Thus, the marine mammals managed to break free from their prison and went about their business, Pop Blend reports.

As was to be expected, the people who kept a close eye on these killer whales during their period of confinement were overjoyed to see them swim away.

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