Killer Whale at SeaWorld Has Massive Chin Injury

The animal's jawbone in exposed, staff claims they aren't the ones to blame

It has not been very long since we reported on Tommy Lee's accusing SeaWorld of torturing the marine mammals in its care by playing really loud music during their shows.

Still, this marine park now has to deal with even harsher accusations: one of its killer whales displays a massive injury to its chin, and several conservationists argue that this must be linked to the fact that the staff failed to properly look after the animals in their care.

More precisely, it is believed that SeaWorld forces some killer whales to share their enclosures with other representatives of the same species without checking to see if the animals get along with each other.

Thus, the killer whale whose jawbone is now exposed is thought to have gotten in a fight with others of its kind.

The pictures showing this animal's extensive injury were posted online by an unnamed source, and it need not come as a surprise that they sparked quite the surge of fury amongst those who keep animal welfare close at heart.

As was to be expected, green-oriented organization PETA filed a complaint with the US Department of Agriculture, explaining how, “The AWA [Animal Welfare Act] makes it clear that marine mammals that are not compatible must not be housed in the same enclosure.”

“Yet SeaWorld parks have a long history of housing incompatible orcas from widely divergent groups together in enclosures – and the result has been stress, agitation, aggressive and bloody raking, serious injury and death,” the group went on to argue.

Sources inform us that SeaWorld denies all such accusations brought against it, and claims that the killer whale injured itself by accidentally hitting the side of the pool.

Furthermore, it is presently being treated with antibiotics and, judging by its behavior, it will not be long before it makes a full recovery.

Speaking on behalf of SeaWorld, a representative for this marine park made a case of how, “There is no organization in the world more committed to the physical, social and mental welfare of its animals than SeaWorld.”

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