Killer Hornets Terrorize China – 583 People Stung, 28 Dead, 70 Seriously Injured

Hundreds of people have been stung by hornets of the Vespa Mandarinia species

Officials clarify that the number of people stung by giant killer hornets in China has risen to 583. The number only takes into account people that have suffered hornet stings since July 1.

The attacks are taking place in the Shaanxi province, and locals are being stung by the largest hornets in the world, in the Vespa Mandarinia species. Earlier reports mention that 28 people have succumbed to the wounds so far.

Roughly 70 residents have incurred serious wounds and they are currently hospitalized, the Christian Post adds.

The publication also quotes resident Chen Changlin, who describes that the insects follow the victim and attack repeatedly.

"I ran and shouted for help, but the hornets chased me about 200 meters (656 feet), and stung me for more than 3 minutes," she describes.

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