'Kill List' Gets Unnerving US Trailer

Controversial pic is coming to the US in February 2012

“Kill List,” from British director Ben Wheatley, has been around for several months, but will only see a US release in February 2012. The trailer above is meant to introduce it to audiences here.

Starring Neil Maskell as an unemployed hitman, the film has already gotten critics singing its praises for its ability to skip and blend genres.

Where it starts off with accents of dark comedy and typical British gangster movie, it eventually becomes a thriller and drama, as paranoia sets in Maskell's character.

Some of the highlights from critics' reviews have also been included in the trailer, which, in all fairness, does very little in terms of outlining the story.

Then again, voices online are saying it's best savored without spoilers, so we'll just stop here – and let the trailer do all the talking for us.

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