Kill Dust with This Ion Blaster, Never Worry About Smudged Camera Sensors Again

The FireFly can make sure there is never a need for photoshop picture cleanup

When hearing the word “blaster,” people probably think of those laser guns used in Star Wars, or any Sci Fi series or movie really.

FireFly has just given the word another meaning though.

The company has launched the eponymous FireFly blaster, which essentially ionizes dust to make it less eager to stick to everything in sight.

Equipped with a Giottos Rocket Blower, it produces negatively and positively-charged ions with the energy from the 9-volt battery-powered box.

A 20-micron filter is part of the design, to make sure the dust in the camera sensor, at least, doesn't get new one added on top of it.

The dust won't be removed from the camera, so it might stick to the sensor again, later, but nothing is perfect. At least the lack of need for physical contact makes sure there is no damage risk involved.

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