Kids Ask Parents for a Cat on Facebook, Get 115,000 Likes

These children bet parents they could get 1,000 Facebook likes, in exchange for a cat

Facebook offers the most ingenious avenues for conning your parents into buying you things. These kids bet their father they will get 1,000 Facebook likes, in exchange for a cat, and won the bet in about an hour.

The masterminds portrayed in the photo are 7-year-old Remi Urbano and his 1-year-old sister Evelyn, HuffPost writes. They had been begging their parents for a pet for a while, when father Dan Urbano bet them they wouldn't get 1,000 likes on Facebook, begging strangers to help them convince him.

Mr. Urbano obviously underestimated his kids' cuteness, as the photo went viral in a week, with almost 115,000 likes. They set up their little white board, saying how they “really” want a cat, and everybody wanted to help.

The Urbano kids are now the happy owners of "Hairietta L. Pawturr," where “L” stands for likes.

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