Kidnapped Miami, Florida Brothers Found Safe and Sound

Darren and Rey Bonilla had been taken by a friend of their mother's

Two brothers from North Miami, Florida, reported missing on Monday, February 4, have been recovered safe and sound.

5-year-old Darren and 3-year-old Rey Bonilla have been found with a 23-year-old woman, on February 5. They were taken away by the suspect, identified as "Gloria," without their mother allowing it.

Police were unable to issue an Amber alert, due to a lack of information on the suspect and the vehicle the kids were taken in.

The babysitter only described that Crasner might have driven a silver SUV when she asked to take the children with her. She presumably told the nanny that their mother asked her to tend to an errand.

"The children have been found. We stopped the person who had them, who we were were looking for. [...] The boys are both in very good shape," North Miami Police spokesman Neal Cueveas reveals.

Gloria is Jennifer Crasner, a friend of their mother's who managed to take the boys with her when they were being watched by a nanny.

"She thought that was the right thing she was doing. That's what she says," the mother explains for ABC News.

As the children have not been harmed, and they appear fed, the mother is not pressing any charges.

"(She) treated them well, well dressed, they were fed. The kids were in good condition, you know, they were not found dirty or nothing, very clean," she adds.

After Crasner was stopped and questioned about the incident, she has been released from police custody. Police are continuing the investigation in order to determine whether or not to press charges.

"I don't like to do harm to anybody. My kids are back safe in one piece and that's all I'm grateful for," Manilla says, grateful for having her kids back.

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