Kidnap Victim Michelle Knight Shuns Family, Her Own Mother

Neither her mother nor her grandmother is allowed to see her in the hospital

Michelle Knight, one of the three women kidnapped and held captive in a Cleveland home for years, rescued this week, is refusing to see her family while she’s recovering at the MetroHealth Medical Center, it has emerged.

The video above is of Knight’s mother, who moved to Florida after her daughter disappeared a decade ago, talking about hoping she and her daughter will find a way to mend broken bridges.

She hints at some past trouble that may have estranged them, but then checks herself and says that, if there was ever any trouble, it must have been Michelle’s imagination – or something along those lines.

As of today, they’re yet to be reconciled. Michelle won’t allow her grandmother to see her either.

WKYC reports that her mother, Barbara Knight, has hired an attorney to get access in the hospital room.

“Barbara just wants to be a part of the healing process,” the lawyer told the media about the procedures.

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