Kickstarter: SteadyWheel Portable Camera Stabilizer

It reduces shaking and, thus, makes recordings clearer and less jittery

By on February 28th, 2013 13:22 GMT

Image stabilization technologies have become the norm at this point, but shooting a film can still prove problematic without a tripod, and tripods impair mobility, which isn't always an acceptable trade-off.

To make the trade-off unnecessary, a company known as WildIron has created the SteadyWheel.

That is all they have managed to do though. The SteadyWheel isn't and won't be a marketed product until enough people back it up with cash.

The minimum goal is of $27,000 / 25,500 Euro, which is quite modest really.

What SteadyWheel does is basically reduce shaking and improve stability while recording.

The point-and-shoot cameras, still cameras, even smartphones, can be secured inside, as can any other devices that are compatible with 1/4-20 tripod mounts.

Since one pledge of $50 will get people a wheel, that will probably be the price if the project gets off the ground.

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