Kickstarter-Funded Short “Innocente” Gets an Oscar

The documentary film gets an Academy Award for “Best Documentary Short”

Kickstarter has spawned many interesting products, but technological wonders like the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen are just the tip of the iceberg.

Though some may not know it, the project hosting website helps fund even films, like a certain short story called “Innocente.”

The short documentary contains the life of a 15 year-old homeless girl from California whose dream is to become an artist.

The film's creators barely scraped the required goal of $50,000 / €37,500 (they got $52,257 / €39,300).

It might, thus, come as a shock to hear that the flick got an Oscar for the “Best Documentary Short” category.

Incident in New Baghdad, Sun Come Up, and The Barber of Birmingham are the other three Kickstarter projects that got Academy Awards in the past.

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