Khronos OpenCL 1.2 Specification Receives Major Update

The Khronos Group announces core revisions to the cross-platform standard

For those that don't know what OpenCL is, it is an open technology standard that defines parallel programming on modern processors.

AMD, Apple, ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia and dozens of other companies are part of Khronos.

Together, they were able to finish a core update to the OpenCL 1.2 specification, fixing some bugs, adding clarifications and adding some optional extensions for extra performance.

For example, an OpenGL multi-sampled texture can now be used to create an OpenCL image for multi-sampled anti-aliasing using color or depth.

2D images from the OpenCL buffer can be created as well, and it is possible to load an OpenCL program from a Standard Portable Intermediate Representation (SPIR) instance now too.

Developers can find the updated OpenCL 1.2 specification and online reference pages and cards here. The optional extensions should be widely available soon as well.

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