Khloe Kardashian’s Wardrobe Malfunction on X Factor USA Live – Video

Co-host shows a bit too much, viewers at home find it distracting, inappropriate

The X Factor USA went live just hours ago but, despite months of speculation on how judge and mentor Britney Spears will do, it was Khloe Kardashian who actually stole the show. It wasn’t for the reason you’re thinking of.

Apparently, on her first night as co-host (with the much more experienced Mario Lopez) Khloe thought it would be a great idea if she didn’t wear a bra.

Either intentionally or by accident, this became noticeable the instant she came up on stage, as the video above will show.

It wasn’t that big of a “malfunction” but it was more than enough to get everyone talking about it on Twitter and on various online forums.

Even Simon Cowell acknowledged the mishap, joking on his Twitter that the air conditioning must have been on too high, looking at Khloe.

At the same time, angry voices are saying Khloe should be fired: first off, she pulled this kind of stunt on a family-friendly show; secondly, she wasn’t really that much of an improvement and, obviously, Mario could have hosted just perfectly on his own.

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