Khloe Kardashian Saves Endangered Tigers on Twitter

Reality star joins a good cause, helps raise a lot of money

While the Kardashians are generally well loved (proof of that is in the solid ratings all their shows continue to pull and the strong sales for their products), Khloe is the favorite of many. Here's something that will only make her more popular.

Over the holiday season, Khloe really got into the spirit by thinking of others as well. She took part in a campaign to help raise money for endangered tigers in the wild and, with a simple tweet, made her mark.

Of course, had it not been for her fans, all of this would not have been possible, as TMZ also notes.

“Khloe posted a tweet New Year's Day, asking her 5.6 million followers to text 'Tigers' to 20222 , thereby donating $10 [€7.7] directly to the World Wildlife Fund to help save wild tigers across the world. It was that simple,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

Fans were quick to act on it, with a rep for the WWF confirming that, as of the time of reporting, they managed to raise more money than they could have hoped.

“The tweet got an overwhelming response – with over 600 people texting 'Tigers' in the last 2 days... raising over $6,000 [€4,644] for tiger conservation. According to the rep, the massive surge in donations was a 'huge jump' above the norm,” TMZ writes.

The same report notes that Khloe's good deeds didn't stop here either: she also adopted a tiger online and convinced her mother Kris Jenner to follow her lead and do the same.

“According to the rep, the money raised by Khloe's tweet will go to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live... to better understand how to protect them,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

With all this, Khloe isn't the only charitable one in the family. As we also reported back in January 2011, Kim Kardashian donates 10% of everything she makes to charity, or so she claims.

Considering she is, right now, officially the highest paid reality star out there, sitting atop of an impressive media and business empire (shows, clothes, accessories, endorsements and books), the 10% should amount to a pretty penny.

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