Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom's Marriage Is “in Crisis”

Report says recent events have taken a toll on their once beautiful romance

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been married for two years and, despite how their relationship is portrayed on their reality show, they've come to a dead end, says a new report cited by Hollywood Life.

Recent months have seen many changes in their life as a couple, as fans must know.

First, they had to move to Dallas because the Lakers traded Lamar to the Mavericks. Secondly, neither is happy there, but they're also upset that they still can't have a baby.

All of this has taken a toll on their romance, with the tabloids claiming that their marriage is “in crisis.”

“Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have hit a very rough patch in their marriage. The reality TV star is reportedly 'not happy' in Dallas and their relationship is in 'crisis',” HL writes, citing the latest print issue of Life & Style magazine.

As if all this wasn't bad enough, Lamar also has family issues to deal with, like the deteriorating health of his father.

“The situation in Dallas is not good. He is not happy and Khloe isn’t either,” a spy is quoted as saying.

“The biggest stresses in their marriage have been their failed attempts to have a baby and Lamar’s trade from the Lakers to the Mavericks. Recently, Lamar was absent from several games to deal with a family issue,” HL adds.

While Khloe is in Dallas, sisters Kim and Kourtney are back home, spending time together and becoming closer and closer by the day.

Now, Khloe feels left out and she's understandably jealous because of it, the report goes on to argue.

“Khloe is sad an jealous to see Kourtney and Kim getting so close. She misses her family and friends terribly,” the spy explains.

However, not all is lost yet. Even though they're having problems, Lamar and Khloe “love each other” and, as such, they're willing to do whatever they can to “make things better” and make their marriage last.

Their fans must certainly be rooting for them.

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