“Keystone XL Pipeline, We Do Not Want You,” Ian Somerhalder Says

Spills like the one in Arkansas will become a common sight if the pipeline is built

As reported, ExxonMobil must now figure out a way to make amends to the people living in Arkansas after their Pegasus pipeline ruptured and leaked whopping amounts of crude oil in and near the town of Mayflower.

“Emergency response personnel were on the ground within 30 minutes after the leak was detected. Fifteen vacuum trucks and 33 storage tanks have been deployed to the site to clean up and temporarily store the oil,” ExxonMobil wished to reassure the public at the time of the spill.

In the aftermath of this spill, many people have argued that what has happened after the Pegasus pipeline ruptured is only a taste of things to come should the Keystone XL pipeline be built.

Actor Ian Somerhalder is one of the people who believe that last week's oil spill in Arkansas should serve as an example and compel the country's high officials not to give the green light to the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to Ecorrazi, Ian Somerhalder tweeted as follows: “Umm is this what you want in your back yard America?”

“NO,Keystone XLPipeline-we do not want you- take a look everyone,” the actor reportedly went on to argue.

What Ian Somerhalder means is that, once said highly controversial pipeline is up and running, oil spills such as this one might become a common sight.

Needless to say, the human communities located fairly close to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would be the ones more likely to wake up one day and see crude oil “camping” in their backyards.

Despite efforts to contain and clean up the Arkansas spill, several birds have thus far needed medical attention following their being discovered all drenched in oil.

Therefore, the Keystone XL pipeline would also constitute a treat to the country's wildlife.

Wishing to make sure that people understand just how pressing the matter at hand is, Ian Somerhalder also tweeted a link to a video showing crude oil flowing through Mayflower.

The video is made available to you down below.

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