Kevin Ware Tweet: Player Poses for Photo in Crutches, Followers Express Support

After a horrific leg injury, Ware is receiving a lot of attention on Twitter

Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware has gained a lot of support on Twitter after he snapped his lower right leg on the court during the Duke March Madness game on March 31.

According to Mashable, the player's official Twitter account is @_billionairebev, and supportive messages are pouring in from fans.

They are, of course devastated by the gruesome leg injury, described by some as one of the worst that they have seen during a basketball competition.

Ware has posted the photo above yesterday to show that he is now walking in crutches and on his way to recovery.

On Monday, NESN mentions that several fake Ware accounts have popped up since Sunday, including @KevinWare_5, which has been disabled and @_Woody23, which is still active and has over 30,000 followers.

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