Ken Levine Wrote Big Daddy and Little Sister Parts for PlayStation All-Stars

Sony gave the team freedom for all the included characters

Omar Kendall, who is the leading designer working on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, has revealed that Ken Levine, the leader of Irrational Games, has taken charge of writing the script for Big Daddy and Little Sister in the upcoming fighting game.

Speaking to Polygon, the developer said, “When it came to the script writing, Ken Levine actually took over writing duties and wrote every line of script and dialogue for Big Daddy and Little Sister in the game. To me, it sort of speaks to the respect and acknowledgement we have for the IP holders.

Ken Levine is the creator of the BioShock franchise and he is currently working on a new game in the series, called Infinite.

Kendall explained how difficult it was to get permission from all the intellectual license holders to use their characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

He added, “If I want Drake in the game, I still have to go to Naughty Dog and the IP holders in Foster City and get permission to use the character. And they have complete, 100% approval on what we do with the character.”

The cross-over that is taking place in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has never before seen in a Sony-made video game.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be launched in the United States on November 21 and on November 23 in Europe.

The game appears on both the PlayStation 3 home console and the Vita and cross-play is included.

BioShock: Infinite was supposed to appear during the fall launch season but has since pushed back to February 26 of 2013.

The game will take players to Columbia, a floating island that’s broken free from the United States.

The player will control a former Pinkerton detective who needs to save a little girl called Elizabeth who shows a number of supernatural abilities.

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