Kelsey and Camille Grammer Finally Settle Divorce

Nearly 2 years after divorce, former couple reaches financial and custody settlement

It was one of the longest and much mediated celebrity divorces, but the fighting has finally come to an end. Almost 2 years after their divorce was pronounced final, Kelsey and Camille Grammer have reached an agreement.

The two separated in July 2010 and were officially divorced in February 2011. Since then and until just now, they have been fighting over money, assets and child custody.

An agreement has been reached and approved by both parties. It’s already a signed deal, TMZ reports.

“Sources closely connected to the couple tell TMZ the property and custody agreement was hammered out and signed by both Kelsey and Camille. And, it's a long time coming,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

The documents are sealed from the public, so all this is just hearsay.

However, it is a known fact that the two things Kelsey and Camille were most bitter about in the proceedings were money and custody of the kids.

“The former couple fought bitterly over custody and money for nearly 2 years. They have around $60 million [€45.54 million] in assets, which includes 3 homes,” TMZ writes.

“One big victory for Camille – as we first reported, Kelsey had their Beverly Hills home taken off the market so he could live in it and Camille fiercely objected. We've learned under the settlement, the Bev Hills house will now be either sold or leased,” the same report notes.

It’s estimated at about $16 million (€12.1 million).

While they were still fighting over the divorce, both Kelsey and Camille had moved on with their life. He remarried and is now a happy, brand new daddy, while she continued with her career in television.

In a recent interview, Camille revealed that they were no longer on speaking terms and that all contact between them was done by email, through their attorneys because, she claimed, he refused to speak with her.

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