Kelsey Grammer Explains Lashing Out at Australian TV Producer

Actor loses his temper when asked about ex-wife, says he was in the right to do so

The other day, actor Kelsey Grammer made an appearance on Australian television. During the interview, he was shown a clip of his ex-wife on her new reality show and he reportedly lost his temper completely with the producer. He now has an explanation for it.

During his interview with Sunrise, Grammer was shown a clip of Camille, his ex-wife, on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and was asked how he felt about having his private life on public display through the reality show.

Though apparently calm during the actual interview, the star reportedly lashed out at the show’s producer the moment he was off air, hurling obscenities at him backstage on the phone.

“You are a vile person... a sick dog... your life must be tragic... I feel sorry for you,” he was yelling at the producer at one point, AceShowbiz informs.

To correct the impression that the outburst was completely uncalled for, Grammer’s publicist has issued a statement to explain exactly what happened.

It wasn’t that Kelsey was mad that producers showed a clip of “Real Housewives,” but rather that they showed specifically a video in which his ex is bad-mouthing him.

Kelsey and Camille went through a very nasty and very public divorce battle not long ago, so it’s no wonder he might want to keep the memory of it in the past.

“The Sunrise show thought it was appropriate to show clips of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ with Camille commenting on Kelsey,” the publicist explains, as cited by the aforementioned media outlet.

What’s even worse, Kelsey’s current wife Kayte was also in the audience, so she was perfectly able to hear the things Camille was saying about her husband.

“This was done in front of Kelsey’s wife Kayte. Kelsey felt that was not only rude, but out of line. He asked to speak directly to the producer about this and when the producer refused, he tried calling him,” the rep further says.

Producers for Sunrise are yet to comment on the incident.

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