Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss “Revelations,” Tips for Getting in Shape

Star is 50 pounds (22.6 kg) thinner, has never been happier

Until a couple of years ago when she agreed to make her debut on Dancing With the Stars, Kelly Osbourne would constantly make headlines for her yo-yo-ing weight and her inability to stay in shape. All that is history now.

Those looking for inspiration to lose weight and boost their confidence and health should look no further than Kelly.

Below are some useful tips from Kelly herself, as presented in an older issue of Shape Magazine, which also saw her rocking a 2-piece swimsuit on the cover – something she couldn’t even dream of doing before.

In the interview, the E! Fashion Police correspondent talks about her amazing weight loss and how it took her 26 years until she finally got it right.

She does so by listing her 3 weight loss “revelations”: “I’m an emotional eater,” “I stopped hating the way I looked” and “I’ve finally learned how to do it right.”

In the same interview, Kelly reveals that she’s done with losing weight and is now focusing solely on maintaining her current figure.

She’s now slimmer, healthier and definitely happier and more confident than she’s ever been in her life. She’s also more active, doing plyometrics, which she chose because she knew she had to make her workouts fun to stick to the routine.

At the end of the day, even Kelly has moments when she simply can’t believe how she’s managed to change her life.

“I used to eat chips and cookies and drink soda all day long. I had to start making better choices,” she says.

That doesn’t mean that she’s depriving herself: having gotten to her ideal weight, she can afford to indulge in her favorite treats every once in a while.

“I indulge with pizza and cheese – I love Brie – and have cookies sometimes. But now, when I'm full? I stop eating! It may have taken me 26 years to figure it out, but I've finally learned how to do it right,” she says.

“Ultimately, I'm really glad I lost the weight the way I did. I never thought in a million years I'd be that healthy girl who wakes up every morning to exercise. After being called ‘cherubic and chubby,’ I'm rocking a bikini! I feel silly, but I think I'm going to cry. Being on the cover of SHAPE is the biggest victory I could ever hope for,” Kelly adds.

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