Kelly Osbourne: I'm the Most Uncool Person on Earth but I Love Myself

Seeing the pressure on women makes me not want to strive for perfection, she tells Glamour

The May issue of Glamour Magazine, the one with Lauren Conrad on the cover, brings a new interview with television star Kelly Osbourne on the dangers of physical perfection and how she personally knows for a fact she never wants to attain it.

Kelly is no stranger to negative media attention, having struggled with her weight for years, until her stint on Dancing With the Stars, when she was introduced to healthier, more active lifestyle which she's managed to maintain.

Asked to describe herself, she doesn't even attempt at playing it cool, and that's because she sees herself as the most “uncool” person on the face of the planet.

With all that, she's learned to love and accept herself as such.

“I’m the most uncool person on Earth, and I love myself. I don’t want to be cool! I feel good in my own skin because I’ve accepted the fact that I’m me,” she says.

“That’s what’s so great about being alive and being on this planet: Everybody’s different,” Kelly adds.

She has plenty of friends who are different, but she also has those who meet today's “beauty” standards. Because of their experience, Kelly knows “perfection” is not something that would suit her, assuming she could ever attain it.

“Women are so unforgiving of themselves. We don’t recognize our own beauty because we’re too busy comparing ourselves to other people,” the Fashion Police star muses.

“No, we are not all Gisele Bundchen; we’re not all Beyonce. But I can tell you even the most beautiful girls in the world have felt insecure,” she adds.

“And just seeing the pressure my friends Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss are under makes me never want to even be the prettiest woman in the room. There is no such thing as perfection,” Kelly explains.

In the same interview, Osbourne also dishes about the so-called ongoing feud with Christina Aguilera, which saw her gloat when the once-slim XTina started to pile on the pounds.

Kelly claims she's not being mean, because it was Aguilera who was first mean to her. She agrees that she might have stepped over the line with her gloating, but she insists she was “right” in doing so.

“She called me fat for years. One night on Fashion Police I said, [Expletive] you. Now you’re fat too.' I didn’t say I wasn’t fat. I said, 'Now you know how it feels.' And I’m sorry, but I stand by that,” Kelly concludes.

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