Kelly Clarkson Defends Pink for Canceled Concert: Relax, We’re All Human

Kelly mocks those “fans” who criticize Pink for canceling concert for health reasons

A few days ago, Pink had to cancel a concert in Birmingham due to health issues. Though she apologized to her fans and offered a detailed account of her condition to prove she wasn’t just being lazy, they still turned on her, even sending her vicious hate mail.

Kelly Clarkson has a few words for those so-called “fans.”

As Pink explained on her official website, her condition was so poor that she couldn’t have gotten on stage even if she had decided to defy her doctor and do it.

She had a chest infection, an ear infection, and an infection with the Rotavirus, she wrote. Some fans still hated her for canceling the show regardless, prompting Kelly Clarkson to come to her defense.

“pink how dare you only work 364 days this year. I can't believe you got sick,” she writes on her WhoSay account.

“That never happens to anyone... ever. You're so lazy,” Clarkson adds, including a long hashtag “name one person that has her schedule, sings while flying, and is a mom.”

“seriously people. Tired of seeing everyone giving her [expletive]. We're all human. Relax,” Kelly continues.

As noted above, Pink’s message should have been enough to convince upset ticket holders that she didn’t cancel on a whim but because she had solid medical reason to do so.

She also explained why she couldn’t reschedule the show because the logistics did not allow her to do it, and expressed her sorrow at letting true fans down.

However, she wrote, she couldn’t really apologize for getting sick, especially since she was traveling with her daughter who was “building her immune system by getting sick all over the place.”

“I am a human being, therefore I am able to catch illness. It is beyond my control – and I can't apologize for that,” she wrote.

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