Kellogg's Issues Special K Cereal Recall, Warns About Glass Shards in Packages

The company asks that people check any packages they might have in their homes

Following their coming to suspect that some of the Special K Red Berries cereal packages made available to customers in the United States might contain glass shards, the Kellogg Company has decided to issue a voluntary recall of these products.

Presently, the company is asking that people who have purchased Kellogg's cereals over the past few days check to see whether or not the packages in their homes are targeted by this voluntary recall.

Should that be the case, the company urges that people refrain from eating them and contact them as soon as possible.

By the looks of it, the company is ready and willing to offer a replacement coupon to those who have unknowingly bought one or more of the cereal packages suspected of containing glass shards.

As explained by the company in its official press release on this matter, “We have initiated a voluntary recall of three sizes of Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries cereal packages due to the possible presence of glass fragments.”

“Please check any packages you have in your home. If your package matches the information below, do not eat the food and contact us for a replacement coupon. We may also make arrangements to retrieve the food for further evaluation,” the Kellogg Company went on to explain.

The Special K Red Berries cereal packages targeted by this recall come in three sizes: 11.2-ounce package, 22.4-ounce twin pack and 37-ounce package.

Furthermore, their UPC codes are as follows: 38000 59923, 38000 78356 and 38000 20940, respectively.

Lastly, the company wished to emphasize the fact that only cereal packages displaying a certain “best if used before” label must not be eaten by customers.

Thus, the “best if used before” date for the 11.2-ounce package is DEC 02 2013 KNC 105 00:13 through DEC 02 2013 KNC 105 02:30, the ones for the 22.4-ounce twin pack are NOV 30 2013 KNA 105 07:00 to NOV 30 2013 KNA 105 08:51 and NOV 30 2013 KNB 105 15:00 to NOV 30 KNB 105 17:05, and the one for the 37-ounce package is NOV 30 2013 KNB 107 17:31 to NOV 30 2013 KNB 107 20:05.

“If your package is any size other than 11.2, 22.4 or 37 ounces, it is NOT impacted by this recall. If your package has the letters KXA, KXB, or KXC following the Better if Used Before Date, it is NOT impacted by this recall,” the Kellogg Company stated.

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