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Faster loading and booting

Following the incredibly fast development of Android applications, users of such devices are more and more tempted to install all kinds of software on them. Thanks to the Android Market, you are now able to access thousands of free or trial applications and games, which can become an issue for a smartphone if the number of the installed apps is too high.

There haven’t been any reports regarding any freezes of the Android smartphones, of course, as the operating system is nicely handling all the apps that are running in the background and keeping only the last six open. Still, lots of these are loading in the startup menu, which translates into longer booting times for the gadget.

DownloadAndroid.Info suggests that its latest Android operating system cleaner, called Startup Manager, will be able to manage all Android's startup entries, thus speeding up the booting time. Moreover, Startup Manager is free and can be installed through the Android Market if you have associated a Gmail account to your smartphone, or directly on the developer's website.

After the installation of the .apk file, Startup Manager will show you exactly what applications are running during system startup or login. To enable or disable a certain application or process, you only need to check/uncheck it from the entry list.

Fully optimized for Android OS 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, and 2.1, Startup Manager can be used to add your own favorite applications to system startup. In case you decide to remove an application from the startup list, but have a change of heart after a while, don't worry, as Startup Manager stores any disabled startup entries for future restoration. Another interesting feature is the possibility to view detailed properties for each startup entry by simply clicking on it.

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