Keep PRISM and NSA Off Your Back with Bauer-Puntu Linux 13.04

A new secure Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu 13.04, is now out

Bauer-Puntu Linux, a distribution based on Xubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) that gives homage to the activist group Anonymous, is now at version 13.04.

Just like the previous version, the distribution is again based on Xubuntu, mainly because it is easier to customize.

The developer has chosen to bring back Cairo-Dock and the Xfce desktop manager, which replaced Cinnamon (it was present in the 12.10 release).

“Bauer-Puntu is still cool though. I mean, I am a Systems Engineer by trade, and therefore I decided to keep the stuff I do use quite a bit.

“Stuff like chntpw to reset local administrator passwords in Windows, as well as a number of encryption tools to keep the NSA and the FBI from snooping on you, or at the very least, keep them guessing a little bit.” said Paul Bauer, developer of Bauer-Puntu Linux.

Bauer-Puntu Linux 13.04 features a lot of applications such as Gparted, PartImage, CHNTPW, Wipe, TestDisk, Metasploit Framework, Pidgin + Pidgin-Encryption, Openshot, Wireshark, and so on.

Highlights of Bauer-Puntu Linux 13.04:

• The GParted (Disk Partitioner) tool has been added;

• Adobe Flash is installed by default;

• ClamTK (Antivirus) is available by default;

• The UFW Firewall is installed by default.

“This time I decided to cut out a lot of the stuff I don't really use. stuff like Metasploit, SET, and some other hacking tools. If you want to do some serious pentesting, Bauer-Puntu really isn't for you. If you want to do that, I suggest downloading BackTrack,” Paul Bauer also said.

Other applications installed by default: CHNTPW (Windows Password Cracker), Java, CheckGmail, LastPass Chrome Plugin, Thunderbird + Enigmail (Email with GnuPG encryption), TOR Browser Bundle, Truecrypt (File Encryption), Friends, and much more.

A complete list of changes and improvements are available in the official announcement.

Download Bauer-Puntu Linux 13.04 right now from Softpedia.

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