Kayla Chadwick Remains Found, Boyfriend and Flame's Mother Arrested

Chadwick was last seen fighting with her boyfriend

Police have recovered the remains of missing teenager Kayla Chadwick of Fort Morgan, Colorado, following a 16-month search.

“We've never stopped working on this case,” Fort Morgan Police Lt. Jared Crone describes for 7NEWS.

Chadwick's boyfriend, 19-year-old Ivan Torralba, has been arrested for charges that do not include murder.

His mother, 46-year-old Lucila Torralba, has also been charged with committing perjury and trying to influence a public officer. Both have been released from jail after posting bail.

Ivan Torralba has been arrested for drug possession as police recovered marijuana when they raided his home. The residence is the last place where Chadwick was seen on March 28 of 2011.

“The longer things go, people have a tendency of giving us more information, feeling more comfortable talking with law enforcement and passing information. [...] That’s what it’s come down to at this point,” Fort Morgan Police Lt. Jared Crone told KDVR throughout the investigation.

“There's been new tips and information and interviews that we've conducted that have led us to search areas and this led to the new evidence,” he adds.

Chadwick's body was found at 19500 block of Morgan county Road, Daily Mail reported. The results of DNA testing were made public on Wednesday, July 3.

“We done at a minimum 200 reports in the last 15 months…Every single thing we've ever heard (about Chadwick's disappearance) we do a report on,” Crone says.

DNA tests have confirmed that police have encountered then 17-year-old Chadwick's body. However, no charges have been made for her murder. When she was last spotted, she was engaged in a confrontation with her boyfriend.

“[We] collected a variety of items in areas that are being treated as possible crime scenes related to the disappearance of then-17-year-old Kayla Chadwick,” he notes.

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