Katy Perry’s Religious Mom Doesn’t Approve of Her Revealing Outfits

Katy Perry may be an icon for millions but, where her religious mother is concerned, she’s just a girl who needs to tone down her act for her own good. Mary Perry Hudson is shopping a book about her famous daughter and she holds nothing back about her outrageous and revealing stage outfits.

The singer has never made a secret of her religious upbringing, but she always conveyed the impression that she somehow managed to reconcile it with her oft-risqué onstage persona.

If she did, her mother doesn’t know of it – and Marry Perry Hudson makes no secret of it in a book she’s now shopping around town, PageSix reports.

The e-zine got a hold of excerpts from the book, which are included in the proposal she’s sending out to all the major publishers, and Mrs. Hudson shows she’s really not ok with her daughter’s image and music.

From the double-entendre lyrics, to her tiny stage outfits and the “foul-mouthed” man she married, it seems there’s little about Katy’s life that her mom appreciates.

“Katy stepped out from behind the changing doors in a tiny risqué costume. No mother wants to see the top of her daughter’s [breasts],” Katy’s mom writes in the book.

“My first instinct was to order her back behind those doors and demand she put something else on... However, I had no problem letting my eyebrows say what I wouldn’t allow my mouth to utter,” she adds.

She also disapproves of the lyrics of Katy’s songs because they don’t nourish fan’s “spirit, but [feed] their flesh” with words like “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

In the way Katy grew up to stand for something entirely different from the beliefs she was raised with, Mrs. Hudson sees a resemblance with Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley, and even Jon Voight and daughter Angelina Jolie.

“Oh, dear God, how can I save her from all this? The money, the fame, the network, the people surrounding her, how can I compete?” Katy’s mom asks.

Still, she says the book is not a “Katy Perry tell-all,” though she does promise fans it will offer them an insight into her life by showing her as seen through her mother’s eyes.

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