Katy Perry in Drag Surprises Ellen DeGeneres – Video

On her birthday, Ellen makes one fan very happy, hands away lots of presents

Admittedly Katy Perry is one of the most beautiful and sensual female pop stars of the moment but, should this music thing fizzle out for her, there’s always a career in it for her as a drag presenter.

I kid, of course.

A smartly dressed Katy Perry, in full disguise, helped Ellen DeGeneres celebrate her birthday by doing what she does best: make others happy.

Check out the video above to see how that went down.

After giving away a trip to Australia and a voucher, Ellen also announced her audience that she had Target vouchers for each and every one of them.

Even by the time she made this announcement (at the end of the video), the super hyped winner of the trip to Australia still had not gotten over the initial shock.


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