Katy Perry Threatens Record Label: I’ll Get Pregnant

Singer campaigns for lighter work schedule

Katy Perry is preparing for the release of a new album later this year, but one thing she doesn’t want right now is to be pushed to her limits. In a statement to British tabloid The Sun, the singer says she’ll get pregnant and thus mess up promotion altogether if record label bosses don’t see things her way and allow her a bit more freedom.

Katy, who’s never been one to beat around the bush especially when it comes to things that bother her personally, says she can’t be forced to work more than she wants to – or, more importantly, feels able to. Record labels usually have artists promote a new material to high heaven, but Katy wants to have a say in her schedule – or else she’ll just get pregnant, she threatens.

“Russell Brand’s fiancée Katy Perry is feeling... broody. She’s told her record company she’ll chuck out her contraceptives if they don’t reduce her schedule promoting her second album. Katy, who looks like she's giving someone a mouthful on her mobile [in a recent photo] said: ‘I’ve told them not to [expletive] me off and if they continue to push me harder, I’ll just get pregnant’,” The Sun writes.

In a recent interview with Nylon magazine, Perry also put in her two cents as regard the pop stars now firing up the charts, expressing nothing but love and admiration for the likes of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Rihanna, all of them strong, independent women who are not afraid to express themselves artistically. Would Katy ever have to choose someone to compare herself to, she’d pick Alanis Morrisette, she also said at the time. She would love to be the voice of our generation, just like Alanis was when she first broke on the scene.

“You’ve got Gaga, who’s like, from outer space, you’ve got Ke$ha, who’s the beer-drinking, house-party girl; and then you’ve got Rihanna, who’s transforming the urban world into her own outer space. But I feel like you’re missing an Alanis Morissette, in 2010. I love how she was a voice for a lot of people who couldn’t explain their feelings. But it’s not like I’m not gonna compete. I love a good dose of healthy competition. It’s not going to be the same that they’re doing…” Katy explained.

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