Katy Perry Lights Up American Idol Stage with ‘E.T.’ Performance

Even though she’s out on tour, Katy Perry still found the time to pre-tape a live performance for the latest American Idol eliminations show – and even got Kanye West to show up for a surprise cameo halfway through the song.

The stage at American Idol went up in bright lights the other night, as Katy made sure she gave viewers just the right idea behind the song “E.T.” – see the video below for the entire performance.

As host Ryan Seacrest himself noted, the single is burning up the charts and has been welcomed very warmly by fans. So there’s literally no reason why one shouldn’t see her on tour.

The funny thing about the performance was, says MTV News, the fact that Ryan introduced only Katy, which could mean that Kanye’s bit was meant as a surprise.

Moreover, though he raps for the opening of the “E.T.” remix, for this performance, footage and audio from the official video were shown.

“Perry was carried on to the stage, arms outstretched, by three dancers dressed in alien getups, who hoisted Russell Brand’s better half high above their heads,” MTV writes.

“Perry was decked out in a white, form-fitting bodysuit tricked out with pink LED lights and a long white cape. She wore some sort of futuristic space crown atop her head, making her look like the queen of a far-off pop planet,” adds the same publication.

At one point, she got into a cage and was carted off around stage – to the side, to allow Kanye’s his grand entrance.

“West took the stage in a leather coat accented with a fur overlay and exercised self-censorship on [one] verse,” MTV says.

“West and Perry faced off at center stage, moving toward and away from each other to play up the tension between them. In the song’s closing moments, Perry softly caressed West’s cheek before retreating back to her throne,” the publication writes.

Reaction to the performance was mixed on Twitter, with fans getting into heated debates over whether it was brilliant or just dumb. This alone should confirm that the collaboration between the two stars is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it type of thing.

Check out Katy Perry and Kanye West doing “E.T.” on American Idol.

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