Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee – Video

Comedian has been acting erratically again, got violent at Target

After leading police on a crazy three-wheeled chase on the streets of Sacramento on Sunday, comedian Katt Williams went into Target and slapped an employee hard across the face for no apparent reason. Videos of the incident have emerged online.

The one below is of the actual slap, captured on surveillance cameras. Because there’s no audio, no one knows what could have made Williams flip, but for the body language of the employee, he was really trying to see to the star’s every wish.

The video above was shot by a fellow customer and uploaded to YouTube. It confirms reports that, indeed, after the slap, the employee kept his calm and dialed 911 to report the assault.

Ironically, Williams did not wait for the police to arrive, but literally wheeled out of Target on an electric cart he ditched outside the store to get back in the three-wheeled vehicle he came in.

He was not arrested, but the Yolo County DA’s office says the case is currently under review.

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