Katt Williams Sentenced to Community Work in Police Chase Case

Comedian avoids jail time, is ready to “move on with his life”

Late last year, comedian Katt Williams was involved in a string of incidents that also landed him in the headlines. One of them was engaging in a police chase through the streets of Sacramento, in which case he’s managed to avoid jail time.

TMZ has learned that the star, whose sobriety was questioned repeatedly after the aforementioned incidents, was sentenced to community work in the police chase case.

“Katt was in court today, where he pled down to misdemeanor evading police, stemming from the wild three-wheeled chase he led cops on last November,” the e-zine says.

“Katt had originally been charged with felony evading police but prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge. As part of the deal, Katt was sentenced to 428 hours of community service to be completed in 9 months – but no jail,” TMZ adds.

Williams’ attorney confirms the sentence for the publication, adding that he’s looking forward to seeing it done so that he can “move on with his life.”

However, even if he’s dodged prison this time, Katt isn’t even close to trouble-free. As we also reported on various other occasions, the comedian also owes a lot of money in unpaid back taxes.

More troubling is that, last December, he was arrested for alleged child endangerment, after police found in his home drugs and guns.

The children were in the house at the time and were temporarily placed in protective custody.

The police report said that “numerous guns and illegal drugs in the house that created a safety hazard for the kids” were found in the star’s home.

Neither he nor his publicist would comment on these allegations but they did nothing but fuel reports that he was dealing with some serious addiction issues, or else he would have never behaved this way.

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