Katt Williams Hit with $4 Million (€3 Million) Tax Lien

Comedian hasn’t paid his taxes since 2008, the IRS is on to him

Comedian Katt Williams has been a lot in the news lately and, according to a new report, things aren’t likely to change anytime soon. The IRS has just slapped him with a huge tax lien over unpaid taxes.

After several run-ins with the law and unsuspecting Target employees, after announcing his retirement and then un-retiring, and after angering fans for bailing out on his own shows, Williams is now dealing with Uncle Sam.

As TMZ reports, he hasn’t paid his taxes since 2008, and the IRS is on to him.

“Slap-happy Katt Williams better learn to take it like he gives it – because the IRS just walloped the comedian with an astronomical tax lien, totaling over $4 MILLION [€3 million],” the celebrity publication says.

“Uncle Sam filed the lien against Williams, claiming the comedian failed to pay $3.2 million [€2.42 million] in taxes in 2008 and also bailed on another $829,352 [€629,059] in 2009,” the report further says.

However, TMZ adds, Williams is probably not easily scared off because this isn’t the first time he gets in trouble with the IRS, though it’s a first as regards the amount he owes in unpaid taxes.

“It's not the first time Williams has been accused of stiffing the Feds – back in 2010 the IRS filed another tax lien against the comedian totaling $284,000 [€215,412]... mere pennies compared to the new bill,” the publication says.

TMZ reached out to Williams’ publicist for a comment but, at the time of writing, got no call back.

As noted above, these past few months have been very agitated for Williams, forcing even fans to question whether he really was as ok as he said he was, and not on some path to destruction and in complete denial.

Just follow the links below for some of the most mediated incidents he was involved in recently.

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