Katt Williams Arrested in Los Angeles

Comedian failed to show up in court, warrant was issued in his name

Comedian Katt Williams has landed himself into a spot of trouble again: he was arrested in Los Angeles a few hours ago, after failing to show up in court to be arraigned in a November case.

“The oft-troubled comedian was arrested on an outstanding warrant after skipping out on a Sacramento, Calif., court date. He has since been released from custody after being held on $100,000 [€76,628] bail,” E! News reports.

“A bench warrant was issued in Sacramento for Williams' arrest after he failed to appear in court for his arraignment stemming from his Nov. 25 run-in with the California Highway Patrol after he fled from police on a three-wheeled motorcycle,” the same media outlet notes.

This is just the latest of a long series of run-ins with the law, which started late last year and which some media outlets have already rushed to attribute to drug abuse, though there’s no official confirmation for that.

As we also reported shortly before New Year’s, police were summoned at Katt’s home and he was booked under suspicion of child endangerment.

Police recovered a loaded gun and drugs from the scene, but further details on the case are still not available.

Before that, the star got himself arrested for the aforementioned police chase, slapped a Target employee and allegedly threw a lit cigarette inside a car and hit a woman in the eye.

He was involved in other odd incidents as well, though they are not punishable by law: he announced his retirement in an ad-hoc statement to the paparazzi in the street, only for his publisher to deny any such intention later.

Earlier on, he was sued by his own fans after showing up for a gig and walking out within minutes after picking a fight with a heckler and physically assaulting him.

He’s also in major debt to the IRS for unpaid back taxes, to the tune of $4 million (€3.06 million).

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