Katt Williams Arrested After Seattle Bar Brawl

Comedian was booked for assault, is already out on bail

Sometime after he engaged the police on a wild chase on a three-wheeled vehicle and after he slapped a Target employee in the face in Sacramento, Katt Williams got into another brawl that eventually got him arrested, it has emerged.

It all went down in Seattle on Sunday, with the comedian reportedly threatening a bar manager with a pool cue, throwing a cigarette at a woman and a rock at the same woman’s car.

TMZ notes that he was immediately taken into custody and booked for assault, but he’s been released on bail ever since by his tour manager Suge Knight.

“According to police, Williams ‘brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business’ and later followed a family outside of the bar where he threw a cigarette at a woman as she got into her car, hitting her in the eye,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

He also threw a rock at the woman’s car, presumably after she barely managed to get into it and make her escape.

“Williams was booked into King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT for investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police. He was released early Monday morning,” TMZ further says.

As noted above, the arrest comes after another string of odd incidents involving the comedian.

His fans have filed a class action lawsuit against him for paying a lot of money on tickets to see him live only to have him assault a heckler in the audience within minutes of the start of the show, and then walk off stage.

Then, he got police to chase him around Sacramento, found refuge in a Target shop where, after wheeling around in an electric cart, he slapped a male employee in the face and did not wait for police to arrive, when the man responded by simply taking out his cell phone and dialing 911.

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