Katt Williams Announces Retirement from Stand-Up Comedy – Video

Legally troubled star says he’s done with touring, won’t ever come back

Katt Williams is done with it. The comedian, who has been in the headlines recently more for his troubles with the law than for his performances, has announced that he’s officially retiring from stand-up comedy.

Check out the video below if further confirmation is needed.

After getting arrested in Seattle for assault, Katt was booted out of a hotel for reasons that are yet to be made public. Afterwards, he announced his shocking career decision.

Williams underlines the plan was to go to Los Angeles to break the news, not have it done in the streets of Seattle but, given recent events (the arrest and the assault that prompted it, a previous assault and a police chase beforehand), he was left with no other choice.

Seeing how his own fans are now taking him to court for not fulfilling his contractual obligations to entertain them after they paid big bucks for it, perhaps this was the only alternative available, at least for the time being.

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