Katie Holmes Is Not Dating Jamie Foxx, They’re Just Friends

Foxx laughs off rumors that they’re a couple, is amazed at how quickly they spread

Since Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise, fans have been eagerly waiting to see who will be her “rebound” man so, naturally, when the rumor that she was dating Jamie Foxx emerged, they were thrilled. They had very little reason to be so, Foxx himself says.

In August this year, Katie and Jamie attended the same charity event, the 4th annual Apollo in the Hamptons benefit. They did not come as a couple and neither did they leave in the same car, but the mere fact that they danced a few dances together was enough for the tabloids to “hook them up.”

Foxx is incredibly amused by these reports, because they’re not true, Us Weekly reports.

“[The rumors] are 100 percent not true. In fact, it's quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people,” the Oscar-winning actor says on the topic of his new alleged lover.

Us Weekly was the very publication that first ran the “hot new couple” story, even going into specifics about how Katie and Jamie dirty-danced to Robin Thicke’s controversial song “Blurred Lines.”

One insider told the mag at the time that the two “weren't flirting and have been friends a long time,” but another chimed in to say that Foxx “grabbed her [backside] and tried to seal the deal” after they danced.

Clearly, that was never the case.

The interest in Katie’s love life is explainable by his ex’s association with Scientology, which is said to have ruined their marriage and nearly her life as well.

Katie and Tom never went into the details of their split, but speculation had it that it was anything but amicable, since she pretty much planned her escape as if she would from jail, thinking of every detail before fleeing with her daughter Suri.

Apparently, some thought that Katie and Jamie would make a lovely pair.

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