Katie Holmes Has No Plans of Dating Anytime Soon

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife is happy, plans to stay single for a while more

Katie Holmes walked away from her marriage to Tom Cruise in almost record time but, despite rumors to the contrary, she has no plans to start dating again anytime soon. She’s “flourishing in her new life,” says a new report.

Radar Online has spoken to sources close to the star who vouch that, though she’s determined to stay single for another while, she doesn’t feel the need of a man in her life to feel happy.

In other words, Katie is enjoying her newfound freedom, which she plans to maintain for as long as possible.

“Katie is just flourishing in her new life. Yes, there have been some dark moments but she was more than ready to embark on the next phase of her life post-Tom Cruise,” an insider says.

Her career will also take precedence, after being put on second place for so long.

“Katie felt that her professional career suffered because she was married to Tom and that she didn’t have the final say in her acting roles. Katie is currently busy preparing for her role in Dead Accounts,” adds the spy.

Right now, Katie is focusing on her career and her daughter with Tom Cruise, Suri. That’s not to say though that she has lost hope of one day finding love again.

The timing is not right now.

“Katie believes in love and hopes to get remarried one day but has absolutely no plans on dating anytime soon. Katie is devoted to being the best parent possible to Suri [Cruise] and continuing a smooth transition into their new lives together,” the spy says.

“Katie knows bringing a new man into the situation would only cause more stress for Suri right now and the actress is still recovering from the end of her marriage to Tom,” adds the same source.

Movie fans will know that, over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about how Katie put her acting career on hold at Tom’s request, who would have rather she spent more time at home being a wife and a mother than a Hollywood star.

If this is true, now that Katie is divorced from him, this is the perfect moment for a proper comeback. Everyone loves one of those.

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