Kate Upton Washes Mercedes Benz in Slow Motion in New Super Bowl 2013 Ad

She was famous before but just wait to see what this will do for her

Kate Upton’s public profile is about to go boom: the model, who already has a very loyal following, is the star of a brand new Super Bowl 2013 ad for Mercedes Benz, which has emerged online a short while ago.

Check it out above.

Word online has it that this is just a preview for the full ad but, from what I can see, it seems pretty “finished” to me, I can’t imagine what more they could show.

While the name of the ad wants you to believe you will be seeing Kate washing the car herself, the actual video doesn’t do that, even if the first few seconds are also misleading like that.

Kate shot to fame online and, shortly afterwards, landed the cover of the much coveted Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.

She’s done plenty of pictorials ever since and is hailed as a “curvy” model in an industry that tends to focus on thinness more often than not.

This Super Bowl ad is bound to make her even more popular. Or so her fans say.

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