Kate Upton Loves Her Curves, Is Healthy

Sports Illustrated model tackles rumors, says she was never “too fat”

Kate Upton, the latest model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, is as famous today as she's “controversial,” which is another way of saying she's generated both positive and very negative media. She's trying to stay above all that, though.

Upton became one of the hottest lingerie models when her SI cover came out – and fans got to see with their own eyes what had made her so famous.

However, shortly afterwards, the rumors came: first off, tabloids claimed that her friends had “staged an intervention” a year before, as we also informed you, because she'd gotten too “fat” and was at risk of losing her modeling career at the young age of 19.

Secondly, casting director for Victoria's Secret annual show Sophia Neophitou put Kate on blast when she said she was too “obvious” ever to become an Angel for the annual runway show.

Kate answered these questions – and more – in a recent interview with Access Hollywood.

One of the first things she'd like to clear up, though, is that she's never been “fat” and she never dieted to lose weight quickly: her focus has always been on health.

“I love my curves, I’m healthy,” she says, adding that people can oscillate in weight without doing something to harm their bodies.

One thing is certain: her friends never “staged an intervention,” because, if anything, they would probably be glad that she gained a few extra pounds so they could “steal my clothes.”

She's just as sweet when it comes to Neophitou's criticism of her. As we also reported at the time, the casting director said Kate was too generic a beauty to ever make it as an Angel.

Luckily, Kate never had this intention: while she did pose for VS and their catalog, she never auditioned to be made Angel, so it's all good where she's concerned.

“Gisele’s a football player’s wife. Gisele’s in that category, so I’m good,” Upton says of Neophitou's comment that she has the face of a “footballer's wife,” the kind you can just “go out and buy.”

“I’m doing fine in my career, I don’t need to walk down their runway so it’s all good. She can think that and I can think whatever I want about her,” Upton adds with a smile.

Below is the video.

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