Kate Middleton Steps Out With Necklace Borrowed from the Queen

The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning nonetheless with the expensive jewelry

The Duchess of Cambridge went out on her first official night out of the year, as she left Prince George and his dad, Prince William, at home to attend the National Portrait Gallery's fund raising Gala Event.

The 32-year-old Kate was admired by those on the scene for her attire which was completed by a huge diamond necklace. The Mirror says she wore the same midnight green Jenny Packham gown she had on for a dinner back in October last year.

But the center of focus was on her diamond necklace, which belongs to the Queen by all accounts. It was a gift from Nizam of Hyderabad, a former King of a state in India. The piece of jewelry was given to Her Majesty at the time she was still a Princess, along with a tiara.

It's not known how Kate came into possession of the priceless piece of jewelry, but she did manage to attract glances from all those in attendance, who had paid hefty sums to be present at the fund raiser.

Among the 430 other guests there were present actress and former model Elizabeth Hurley, Olympic Gold Medallist Katherine Grainger and even cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry.

It's good to see the Queen putting her very expensive jewelry collection to good use, especially amidst rumors that the Royal Family is on the verge of bankruptcy, due to overspending their annual budget for many years now.

The Duchess is said to be in the process of refining her wardrobe which is going to include more pieces from the Queen's collection, with the help of her dresser Angela Kelly.

This change comes after, late last year, there were some rumors in the international press that the Queen complained Kate Middleton's attire wasn't exactly corresponding to her royal status. The Queen mother thought Kate's dresses were too revealing and too short.

Those observations proved effective by the beginning of this year, when Kate stepped out in more conservative attire, with longer hemlines and less revealing outfits.

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