Kate Middleton Pregnant with Twins, Goes Shopping for Thrift Baby Clothes

The Duchess sparks pregnancy rumors again with her move and shopping habits

These days Kate Middleton simply can't shake off those pregnancy rumors, just about everything she does is somehow connected with the fact that she is conceiving again or with the fact that she's waiting for a second baby.

The Duchess was spotted late last week shopping at some discount store in an outlet mall in Oxfordshire, England, and the press immediately began speculating. The Daily Mail reports that the Duchess was very courteous with those that recognized her and talked to her, despite her best efforts to remain low key.

Eyewitnesses report that she picked up some pajamas for Prince George and that she also browsed Ralph Lauren stores, Bonpoint and Gucci where she picked up some other unidentified items. This has led to speculation that Kate is indeed pregnant again, this time with twins.

This theory seems to be confirmed by the fact that Kate and Prince William have chosen to move from Kensington Palace to the more secluded Anmer Hall. The official reason was that William was going to start working as an ambulance helicopter pilot and he needed to complete a training course at Norfolk, but many thought it was the perfect way to escape the public's eye while she's carrying her child.

This move has been debated widely in the British media because Kate and William have spent several millions redoing Kensington Palace in order to fit their needs and now they are moving again, to Anmer Hall, presumably doing some renovations there too, with money taken from the already cash-strapped Crown.

There has also been some talk that the move is somehow connected with the fact that Kate wants more freedom in raising her child, Prince George, away from the Queen who is said to be “very vocal about how George should be raised and while she has taken steps to modernize the monarchy, some of her parenting strategies are still stuck in the dark ages.”

All of these rumors and speculations must be hiding some truth to them, as Kate has been spotted in her most recent outing protecting her tummy, as if she were already pregnant. So far, there has been no baby bump, despite the fact that the media is scrutinizingly watching her every chance they get, but let's remember that even in her first pregnancy she didn't begin to show until the last few months of her pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is true, an official announcement is expected by the end of 2014.

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