Kate Gosselin’s Diet and Workout Routine

Mother of 8 reveals tips for a killer body

Kate Gosselin has come a long way in terms of how she looks since when she first came to international media attention with TLC’s highly successful reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” now known only as “Kate Plus 8.” Not only is she more stylish and more attentive to how she looks whenever she steps outside the house, but she’s also more fit and healthier than before. Even better, she’s also willing to talk about it, as How Celebrities Lose Weight informs.

The original OctoMom, as she’s at times referred to in the media, has never made a secret of getting a little help in the fitness department after giving birth to her 8 children: she’s had a tummy tuck. Still, from that to rocking the fit bod she’s rocking today, she’s come a long way and she did it all by herself, eating only healthy foods and working out whenever she could catch a break from her children. As Kate herself puts it, she must be one of the healthiest eaters out there.

While Mrs. Gosselin is not precisely on what one may call a diet, she does take extra steps to make sure she never falls back on food when she’s stressed or in a very bad mood. Because she knows she tends to resort to comfort food when the going gets tough, Kate is sticking to a low-carb, high-protein plan which helps her stay energized throughout the day without packing on the extra pounds. For breakfast, for instance, she has cereal or cottage cheese with sunflower seeds, for lunch Middle Eastern food or grilled fish or chicken, while for dinner she has egg whites and vegetables.

Working out also plays a very important role where Kate’s figure comes into discussion. “I put the kids to bed and go downstairs to do cardio exercises such as running. I also do yoga exercises. And I also get a lot of cardio exercise because of the punching bag I got for Christmas that I punch and kick. I love it!” she says. Being on Dancing With the Stars also helped her a lot because she had a special dance floor installed in her basement, which she still hasn’t removed. “I got a lot of fitness exercises done because of it. It took me 6 hours daily to practice my dance choreography and have my dance classes,” she explains.

As we were also telling you in April this year, Kate Gosselin also reaped major benefits from her stint on DWTS as well, at least as regards her figure and getting back in top shape. Shortly after she was voted off the show, she was pictured running errands around town, dressed in a midriff baring top and sweat pants. Her six-pack spoke volumes in terms of the training she did for the show.

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