Kate Gosselin’s Bodyguard and Rumored Lover Steve Nield Quits

He’s no longer working for her and he’s not her lover anymore either

For a person who’s not a reality star anymore, Kate Gosselin is still able to make a lot of headlines. The damning book about her rise to fame by former tabloid editor Robert Hoffman is helping her a lot, but so is this new report about her bad luck in love.

For years, there have been rumors that Kate and her bodyguard, the silver fox (married, no less) Steve Nield, were secret lovers. Even her ex-husband Jon Gosselin fed into the frenzy of speculation by saying on more than one occasion that he’d become convinced they weren’t just “friends” as they claimed.

Apparently, things have taken a turn for the worse. Or, as Nelly Furtado says in her song, “all good things come to an end,” it’s the way life works.

InTouch Weekly reports that Nield has quit his position as Kate’s bodyguard, and at the same time, he’s also broken up with her.

“The 51-year-old will be starting a new job as Executive Vice President of Prudential Associates,” the report says, with an inside source adding that he and Kate “no longer have any communication.”

Back in March this year, when the former TLC star appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, she and Steve were caught sharing the same hotel room several nights in a row, which confirmed the fact that they were still together, still very much into each other as in the early stages of their romance.

Again, this was happening while Steve had a wife and kids back at home. InTouch notes that it was Gina, his wife, who finally convinced him to leave Kate, because she kept telling him that “his time with Kate as her bodyguard was making the family miserable and that he had to make a choice.”

So he did. He “made the decision to spend quality time with his family this summer” and to quit his position as Kate’s bodyguard. The report says nothing about Kate or how she must be feeling to see another romance turn bad, but knowing her, we’re thinking she will be just fine.

Kate and her ex-husband rose to international fame when TLC gave them their own reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. In 2009, in the series’ highest-rated and most tearful episode, the two announced their divorce.

After some time, things turned nasty between them and Jon moved to block the kids from appearing on the show, saying that this kind of exposure was traumatizing for them and that they had real developmental issues because they were on a reality show.

Kate and TLC managed to shut him out completely, so the once-popular Jon & Kate Plus 8 became instead Kate Plus 8. The ratings never topped the divorce announcement episode so, after another while, the network pulled the plug on the show.

Kate and the kids returned to TLC this summer with a 2-part special but that too failed to catch on. What always seems to catch on, though, is juicy gossip bits like this one about her and her rumored lover slash bodyguard.

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