Kate Gosselin’s 8 Kids Traumatized After Celebrity Wife Swap with Kendra Wilkinson

She’s so desperate to get back on TV she’s not even thinking of the kids anymore

Kate Gosselin is so desperate to get back on TV that she’d do anything for it, even if that means putting her 8 children with Jon through hell, claims a new report. This is precisely what happened when she agreed to do Celebrity Wife Swap.

According to Radar Online, in November, Kate Gosselin and former Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson traded places for a full week, but the experience was an ordeal for Kate’s children.

Kate didn’t bother to explain what would happen to them, the only measures she thought of taking being to instruct them not to say a word of it to anyone at school, Robert Hoffman, who penned an “anti-Kate” book says for the celebrity publication.

Celebrity Wife Swap, for those who don’t know, is a spinoff of Wife Swap and sees moms trade places for an entire week, trying to live by the other’s rules in her home.

“The Gosselin children were scared and very confused, having no idea who their new mom-for-a-week was, or why they were left alone with her to be filmed by strangers,” Hoffman says.

How Kendra, who has just one child with husband Hank Baskett handled taking care after 8 children is unknown.

The kids, though, were told they must “suffer in silence,” Radar says.

“[They] were instructed not to speak a word about it to anyone at school or anywhere else,” Hoffman says.

“I’m not sure how much more psychological damage Kate can do to these poor children, but she sure looks like she’s willing to sink to new depths to get her face back on television,” he adds.

Kate recently penned an anti-bullying blog post based on her own experience as a teen bullied in school and an adult bullied online.

In it, she noted that people would always make up lies about her to ride her coattails for their 15 minutes, as we also reported at the time. This could be the case here too.

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