Kate Gosselin Wants Ex-Husband Jailed over Tell-All Book

Kate is going after Jon in court, wants him held accountable for breach of privacy

Kate and Jon Gosselin will soon be duking it out in court, if Kate has her say. Following the short-lived publication of a very embarrassing tell-all book, the reality star is determined to hold her ex-husband accountable for leaking personal information about her to the author.

The problem is that she doesn’t have a shred of evidence to support that.

All hell broke loose last October, when Robert Hoffman’s “Kate Gosslin: How She Fooled The World” was published. Hoffman used to be a good friend of Jon’s, so presumably he had the dirt from the best possible source.

The book was pulled from Amazon within weeks following allegations from Kate’s team that it was libelous and false.

Now, Kate is busy trying to gather evidence that Jon was the one who leaked some very personal stuff to Hoffman, who then published it in the book, Radar Online writes, citing a source close to the situation.

What’s more, Kate will not let this rest until she sees Jon behind bars, the insider reveals.

She believes Jon gave Hoffman one of her personal hard drives, which included business and personal emails, her diary and much more.

“Jon was notified recently of Kate’s intentions to file a lawsuit against him, but the whole thing is ridiculous,” says the tipster.

“Kate is having a really hard time finding a law firm that will actually take on her case, because right now she doesn’t have enough evidence…,” the source says of why her case against her ex is, as of now, “ridiculous.”

“And it’s not like Kate just wants to sue Jon to make sure the book never goes public again, she wants to see Jon in jail! She’ll even use the kid card to try to get witnesses,” the tipster shares.

So far, no luck.

“Kate is desperate to find witnesses who will take the stand and testify against Jon. [...] Anyone Kate has approached is hesitant because they don’t really want to be attached to the Gosselin name and in turn be dragged through the mud themselves,” the insider reveals.

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