Kate Gosselin Opens Up on Bullying: I’m a Victim and It’s Haunting Me

Reality star says she never imagined people would attack her so viciously online

Kate Gosselin went from the most beloved reality star to the mom of 8 everybody loved to hate in just a few months, so perhaps she is the best to speak out on the issue of bullying. She also has some wise advice for those adults who might be walking in her shoes.

The reality star, who rose to international fame on TLC’s now-defunct “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” penned a blog post on Bullyville, titled “My Experiences with Real Life And Internet Bullying.”

In it, she talks about how she was bullied in school and how that made her feel as if there was never a place for her, somewhere where she could belong.

Once she overcame that and thought she would never have to relive it, she became a victim of adult bullying online.

“But the bullying didn't stop there for me and with a quick sweep of the Internet, it's clear that this epidemic is alive and well like a disease with no cure! It's a horrible disease that haunts me and many many many others in our world!” Kate writes.

“The tabloids printed lie after lie after lie in order to benefit financially, which in my opinion is a form of ‘legal’ bullying, people flooded companies that I worked for to spread their venom about me, sometimes spending days on end at their computers in a hope to ensure their bullying goal had been achieved and desperately wishing that the targeted company would ‘drop’ me,” she goes on to say.

Though such vitriolic reactions were unexpected, Kate knew she had no other choice but to face the haters – and then try and find inspiration in their nasty words to better herself, prove them wrong.

In such cases, trying to fight fire with fire is the worst path one can choose.

“I ignore most of the hate and lies. I have better things to do with my time. I have eight wonderful children who need a mother to show them the love and support that surrounds them, not retaliation and bitterness,” Kate says.

“I use my haters as my motivators. If they say I can't do it, rest assured I WILL do it. And I won't stop until I've succeeded in achieving any given goal. With all I've been through, one thing I know about myself is that my persistence is hard to stop! I think of myself as the energized bunny. I keep going and going and going!” she gushes.

As was to be expected, her blog has also generated an unbelievable wave of support from the fans, who are rushing to congratulate her for speaking out and, most importantly, staying brave and true to herself.

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