Kate Gosselin Lashes Out at Jon for Allowing Kids to Play with Pitbull

Mother of 8 returns to Twitter, takes a dig at her ex-husband

Now that she’s been fired as a blogger at the Coupon Cabin, Kate Gosselin has more time to spend on Twitter. Also there, she’s taking digs at her ex-husband Jon Gosselin for allowing the kids to play with a pitbull.

The dog belongs to his girlfriend Liz Jannetta, and one of her boys befriended him on one of his visits there.

Liz posted the pic on her own Twitter – you can also see it attached to this article. It showed the boy lying in bed, with the pitbull at his side, licking his face.

Kate did not appreciate the fact that Jon and his girlfriend allowed the kids to play with the dog, so she made sure her fans and followers knew about it.

She retweeted the photo and another tweet saying, “Children who were victims of pit bulls Take a look & see why people care,” which also included a link to a website with photos of children who had been mauled by pitbulls.

However, not all thought it was such a big deal, with one user saying paying attention to this photo equaled missing the point altogether, especially in a context in which the US East Coast has been kneeled by Hurricane Sandy.

“Wow! Why does any1 care that @kateplusmy8 kids were cuddling a pitbull? There r people dying, no food, water, electric!” the user said.

In her defense, Kate has also been tweeting to raise awareness about Sandy and to get people to donate money, food and clothes to those affected by the Superstorm, so it’s not like she’s not doing her part.

Then again, she’s also gushing about how her favorite hair salon in New York is back in business.

“RT @JasonBacke Yesssss! @tedgibson tedgibson BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!!! #sandy @ Ted Gibson Salon HALLELUJAH! So happy!” she gushed.

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