Kat Von D Comes Out with 'Sophisticated' Fashion Line

Tattoo artist is looking to branch out – but expect the unexpected

Now that her career in television is practically over, at least for the time being, Kat Von D is looking to branch out. The tattoo artist is coming out with a fashion line, of which she tells People we're to expect the unexpected.

As some of you may remember, right before Kat and Jesse James called off their engagement, just weeks before the wedding, word had it she was designing her own wedding gown.

In other words, this desire to try her hand at designing clothes is not something new. Speaking with the celebrity magazine, Kat says she's ready to counter people's prejudices.

She knows people see her and already think they know what to expect of her. This is precisely why she wants to prove them wrong: appearances can sometimes be deceiving, and they certainly are in her case.

Asked to describe her KvD Los Angeles line, Kat says sophistication is the term that would first come to mind.

“It was easy to predict that most people would be pleasantly surprised by the sophistication of the line. By no means am I rebelling from my 'tattoo roots,' but I am showing the world what truly inspires me,” she says.

What inspires her is architecture, high fashion and poetry, so all these elements will be found in one form or another incorporated into her designs.

“The inspiration [for the line] varies from elements of nature to architecture, to love letters, and all things from time passed, with a modern romantic approach,” Kat explains for the same publication.

Plenty of emphasis has also been placed on wearability and comfort.

“I’ve become most attached to the highly tailored pieces, especially the coats,” Kat says. The Napoleon jacket, a military-style coat, is her favorite.

“To me, I think it’s important when creating anything for the public, that it is something that all walks of life can feel connected to,” the tattoo artist notes.

“If you stick to your guns and create from a genuine place, there is a way to find a balance between the 'extreme' and the 'safe',” she adds.

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