Kaspersky Publishes Infographic on Identity Theft

Take a look at how criminals and cybercriminals can exploit your data

The number of Internet users grows each day, but many internauts still don’t know how to protect themselves against online threats. An infographic published by Kaspersky shows some interesting details about identity theft and how to protect yourself against such crimes.

According to the company, 91% of users do online banking, 87% use social networks, 65% store personal photos and videos on their mobile devices, while 25% store even passwords to personal accounts.

All this data could be highly valuable for cybercriminals. Phone numbers and your relatives’ personal details can be used for scams, financial information can be used to steal money, while social security numbers and identity document scans can be leveraged for fraud.

If they hack your devices, cybercriminals can use personal videos and photos to blackmail you. Furthermore, too much information on your location can help crooks in case they plan on breaking into your house.

Check out the infographic to learn other details and to see how you can protect yourself against online threats.

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